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Privacy Policy & Cancellation / Returns


All information transmitted by users to the website is confidential. In particular, in order to protect your personal data and your electronic transactions, the Company has taken the following mechanisms - security methods:

a. User Login Identification (Authorization):

In order to make any electronic transaction with the Company, it is necessary to create an account on our website. To access this account it is necessary to fill in a username and password, which you choose and recognize exclusively by yourself.

b. Use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Technology:

This is a communication protocol, which encrypts using a 128-bit key the information (on the page of the bank we work with), coming from your terminal until it reaches the server of the website where it is decrypted. This method protects your personal data as it can not be read or altered during their transfer to the Internet while at the same time verifying the integrity and authenticity (Integrity - Authenticity) of the transmitted information.

c. Refer to the Facebook email address (Facebook Link):

The visitor of the website has the opportunity, in the technically permitted fields, to intervene by expressing his opinion on posted data, through the application "Like" that is provided for users who have an account in the social networking service "Facebook". The operation of this application, which is inferred, among other things, is a presentation - marking on the user profile on "Facebook" that a "Like" statement on the Company's website, is governed exclusively by the terms of use of this social networking service, which are beyond the Company's area of ​​responsibility.


The collection, use and disposal of personal data of minors is done only with the explicit written consent of the parents or their guardians. However, the Company does not bear any responsibility in case of false submission of data when completing the user registration application.

Non-refundable products:

- Zipper

-Mouline embroidery threads (DMC)

- Knitting needles & crochet hooks


-Buttons & bag buttons

Heat-sealing motifs

-Patron BURDA

-Species sold by the measure & we have cut for the execution of the order

-Packaged products whose packaging has been altered

Withdrawal / Return - Product Replacement

You have the right to return the product within 14 calendar days justifying the reason for its return. The returned product must be in its original condition and you will be charged for its return costs. To return a product, please also send us the retail receipt.

The refund is made within one week, from the date we receive the product to be refunded, in the same way that the payment was made, except in the case of cash on delivery, in which case our company will deposit the amount in account that you will indicate to us.

In case something you do not like or do not do or it was defective or does not correspond to the product of your order, you have the right to request the replacement of the product.

In detail, in order for the return to be possible, you must:

a. the product to be returned is in the condition received and in any case has not been used.

b. the product to be returned must be accompanied by the proof of retail sale.

If the above conditions are met the product will be returned by you at your own expense.

On the contrary, if the return / replacement is due to a proven defect of the product, the shipping costs of the new product or your refund will be borne by our company.